Chicano Federation

We provide affordable housing for families, seniors and people with disabilities.

Affordable Housing

To apply please contact the complexes below.

The Chicano Federation is committed to creating and preserving affordable housing opportunities for families, seniors, and people with disabilities who lack the economic resources to access quality, safe housing in San Diego County.

Through our own property management operation, Chicano Federation owns and manages nine housing complexes in the county. Please call the property of your choice to make sure there is availability. You can also download and print the application and take it to your property of choice. Below is a list of Chicano Federation's affordable housing complexes.

Applicant Information

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To contact the housing department:

Below is a summary of the qualifying eligibility and screening criteria. Applicants may be asked to present other types of information at the time of their screening interview for final approval. The screening and eligibility criteria ensures all tenants admitted to the property will abide by the terms of the lease, pay rent on time and take care of the property and the unit and allow all residents to peacefully enjoy their homes.

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