Home Visitor PRogram

Home Visitors work with parents of children 0-5 years on their child's learning and development. Weekly in-home parenting and child development education, socializations and field trips, referrals to community resources, services for children with disabilities such as autism, resources and transportation resources. 

My biggest satisfaction is to see families succeeding in life because their children are receiving quality child care service through Chicano Federation.
— Gabriela Cervantes | FCC Manager

Infant & toddler program

Promoting socio-emotional, cognitive and physical development, our child care program provides services through our contracts with state-licensed day care homes.  Our staff visit regularly to monitor the progress of the community children in the daycare centers. 


Preschool Program

Serving children ages 3 - 5 years, Barrio Logan Child Development Center is committed to fostering physical, cognitive, emotional and social development by developing and providing high quality child development services that offer an enriching and nurturing educational environment.

When I call families and hear how excited they are I feel a big responsibility to help guide them on how to enroll in our program. Families can continue with their plans to work or continue their education when they have their children in quality childcare…they can improve their lives, and that benefits our community.
— Anabel Vega | Recruiter | Infant Toddler Program

affordable Housing 

We manage 9 apartment complexes with more than 300 units - 6 for individuals and families, 3 for seniors.  All rents are below market rate, making the apartments very affordable. 


Child Nutrition Program

You can't learn if you're hungry.  Our program improves the health and eating habits of children enrolled in our daycare home network. More than 7,000 children are served healthy meals every day through our network of 850+ licensed daycare homes in San Diego, Orange County and Riverside County. 


Chldcare PRoviders

Are you a home-child-care provider?  Would you like to partner with the Chicano Federation?  If so, please click the link below to learn more about our in-home childcare programs, criteria and referral partnerships. 

Already a Chicano Federation childcare provider?  Click below.