Applications Due July 5th, 2024

Leadership Training Institute (LTI) Fellows Program


The Chicano Federation of San Diego County is pleased to announce the re-launch of our culturally relevant LTI Fellows Program. This program began in 1985 and had its last cohort in 2004. Please see some prominent former LTI graduates by clicking here.

This 10-month program is designed to invest in leaders from the Chicano(a) and Latine community equipping them with the necessary skills, knowledge, and networks to address the unique challenges faced by our community.

UCSD will award four units of post-baccalaureate academic credit to the Leadership Training Institute (LTI) Fellows who complete all the Leadership Training Institute program requirements.

Each program participant will be paired with an experienced professional for a full-year mentorship engagement.


Residence: Applicants must reside in San Diego binational community.
Latine Background: The program is specifically targeted towards individuals who identify as Chicano(a) or Latine.
Commitment to Community: Applicants should demonstrate a strong commitment to the betterment of the Chicano(a) and Latine community in San Diego County.
Leadership Potential: Participants should exhibit leadership potential and desire to make a positive impact within their community.


The LTI Fellows Program will cover culturally relevant topics that align with the mission of the Chicano Federation and address the specific needs and aspirations of the Chicano(a) and Latine Community. Topics include:

Chicano(a)/Latine History and Identity

Participants will deepen their understanding of Chicano/Latino history and contributions in San Diego County, explore cultural heritage, and foster inclusivity. The goal is to develop cultural competency regarding Latine contributions in the region.

Equality, Equity and Social Justice

Participants will analyze San Diego County's demographics and their impact on systemic inequities and racism against the Latine community. They'll analyze how politics contribute to these challenges and develop strategies for overcoming barriers.

Educational Equity

Participants will explore educational challenges Latine students encounter in K-12 schools and higher education. They'll discuss strategies to ensure equal access to quality education, advocate for reforms, and support initiatives that improve educational opportunities for the community. The goal is to understand educational disparities and advocate for necessary reforms and initiatives.

Immigration and Citizenship

Participants will learn about immigration policies affecting the Latine community, access resources for navigating the immigration process, and become advocates for immigrant rights. They'll also explore leadership's role in empowering immigrants seeking opportunities for immigration and citizenship. The goal is to become informed advocates for immigrant rights.

Unleashing the Power of our Binational Community

Participants will embrace and celebrate the diverse identity of our binational region, recognizing its unique advantages that go beyond borders. They'll cultivate unity and empowerment, laying the groundwork for collective action. By exploring the region's potential, they'll uncover abundant opportunities for workforce development and economic growth. The goal is to leverage the gift of binational opportunities.

Health and Wellness

Participants will explore health disparities and access to healthcare in the Latine community, promoting preventive care, healthy lifestyles, and mental well-being while addressing environmental factors contributing to health inequities. They'll recognize the role of effective leadership in addressing disparities and advocate for culturally competent healthcare resources. The aim is to normalize mental health conversations for all.

The Art of Fundraising and Philanthropy

Participants will deepen their understanding of how financial resources drive community initiatives. They'll learn to plan and execute fundraising campaigns effectively, connect with donors, and drive sustainable change through strategic fundraising. The goal is to uncover the possibilities of giving and receiving.

Leadership and Advocacy

Participants will improve their leadership and advocacy skills, leveraging social media platforms to amplify community voices. They'll analyze public policy issues, develop leadership strategies, and emphasize diversity and inclusion. Understanding the role of boards in promoting equitable representation, they'll empower themselves to lead and enact positive change. The goal is to amplify the power of leadership.

Legislative Overview: Local, State, & Federal

Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of legislative processes at local, state, and federal levels. They'll explore elected officials' roles, key processes, and advocacy for the Latine community, while developing advocacy skills for effective civic engagement. The goal is to foster a sense of empowerment and confidence in engaging with the legislative system to drive positive change.


Participants must be able to commit to the 10-month program, which entails attending regular in-person sessions and diligently completing assignments, each session lasts approximately 4-hours long.


Note, all classes are on Saturdays

Explore the application and additional requirements by clicking here.
Note: Google account required to access

Applications are due by 5:00 PM on Friday, July 5, 2024


Tuition is $2,500 and is payable upon acceptance into the program. Tuition is non-refundable.

Scholarships may be available, based on demonstrated need. Please share your interest in applying for a scholarship by emailing Jose Mondragon at

Leadership Training Institute Fellows Program Advisory Council

Edward Bauer, Chicano Federation Board Chair
Ricardo Campos, President San Diego Loyal Soccer Club
Pam Covarrubias, Biz Coach – Speaker – Podcaster
Sean Elo-Rivera, Council President, City of San Diego
Alberto Hulings – Consultant – Coach – Instructor – Trainer
Guillermo Gomez, San Diego Unified School District
Arcelia N. Magaña, San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association
Dr. Ted Martinez, Jr., ¡Adelante! Strategies
Lidia S. Martinez, ¡Adelante! Strategies
Ana Melgoza, Vice-President, San Ysidro Health
Griselda Ramirez, Sr. Director of Community Engagement and Partnerships, Office of the Chair, Board of Supervisors, County of San Diego
Liz Ramírez, Chicano Federation, CEO
Jose Mondragon Torres, Chicano Federation, Advisory Chair
Osiris Romero, Chicano Federation, Executive Assistant
Mario Sierra, Associate Director, University of California at San Diego
Carlos Solorio, Chicano Federation, Board Liaison
Nora Vargas, Chair, Board of Supervisors, County of San Diego